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In recognition of the whole person, seek to achieve individual and community balance and well-being; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and environmentally.


  • Establish and support holistic and healthy community lifestyles.

  • Promote prevention through education and awareness.

  • Empower and encourage those who have made proactive changes in their lifestyles.

The Nigigoonsiminikaaning Health Office

   Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:30

  • Provides referral services to Gizhewaadiziwin Access Center, Fort Frances Clinic and the Fort Frances Dental Centre.
  • Hosts Clinics by local Health Service providers
  • Community Health Services by C.H.N.

Contact Information

Mary McGinnis, Community Health Representative, Extension - 201
 Medical Transportation, Extension - 205
Carolyn Kozlowski, Community Health Nurse, Extension - 204
Kathy Windigo, Health Worker,  Extension - 202

Nigigoonsiminikaaning Health Office
Phone:  807.481.2559
Fax:      807.481.2578



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