Chief’s Report – June 2021

Chief’s Report – June 2021

By Chief Will Windigo

The newsletter and the monthly Chief and Council Report have been something we wanted to provide to community members for quite some time. We have decided to make this a priority going forward because we are hoping this will be a better way to communicate and reach everyone.

We all know the importance of communication and accountability, and it’s important our members know what’s going on. As elected officials, we’re working hard on your behalf to move initiatives forward, to be accountable to you, and to acknowledge that.

Our Number One Priority: The Flood Settlement Claim

Although we know it seems this negotiation is taking too long, we can assure you that we have been working very hard to move thing along. There are many factors that come into play that we are dealing with as they come. We want this settled just as much as you all do. If it were up to us, it would have been settled years and years ago.

The Timeline

The good news is we are getting closer to a settlement everyday. The two levels of government have given me a tentative timeline of December of this year. This would mean that we need to have an actual signed-off agreement from the Ministers office by the end of October. Due to all of the processes we have to go through for ratification of the agreement and the settlement, the ratification process and the vote on the trust – yes or no – is going to be one vote. Based on previous community feedback and consultation, we are confident this is the best option.

The Hurdle

The only real change at the negotiation level is that we’ve run into problems on the federal side in which the Surveyor General decided to reroute the boundary lines of 26A.

We didn’t come into this negotiation thinking we were ever going to lose land: it was just to be compensated for the flooded land. So, we are taking a hard stand because we will not give up land that has always been known as ours. We need to protect what we have, and that’s what we are doing and will continue to do.

My Door is Always Open

If you’re interested in hearing more details, please feel free to pay me a visit. Please come to the table with an open mind and to have a good, positive discussion.

I look forward to seeing you.