Sewer Project Update

Sewer Project Update

Project Update for Design of Wastewater Collection and Treatment System in Nigigoonsiminikaaning

What is the Project About?

Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation has retained Neegan Burnside Ltd. (Neegan Burnside) to provide professional engineering consulting services for the design of the wastewater (sewage) collection and treatment system for the community. Back in 2015, Chief and Council was able to obtain funding for the Feasibility Study and since then they have been working hard for many years to obtain funding from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) for the design aspect of this project. It has been several years since the Septic Fields Evaluation and Sewage Systems Feasibility Study (Study) was completed by Neegan Burnside (July 2017). Due to the extended period of time between Study completion and the start of the design process, we would like to inform you on the status of the design, what can be expected in the near future, and a little bit about who we are.

How Will This Impact Our Community?

The design process is for the design of a new sewage system for the First Nation. It will involve designing low pressure sewers for each and every house and community building. These will replace the existing septic tanks and leaching beds. The sewage will then flow to a proposed sewage treatment plan for proper treatment. This will allow the community to continue to grow and eliminate the environmental and health concerns that have been raised about the existing septic systems.

Where Are We Now?

The design process is just beginning and should be finished during the summer 2021. Neegan Burnside recently submitted an updated Feasibility Study in the form of a technical memorandum to review different mechanical wastewater treatment technologies and low-pressure sewer collection systems to ensure the most appropriate alternative is selected for the community. Additionally, we are currently working with the community to complete additional fieldwork such as a geotechnical investigation and topographical surveys near the proposed infrastructure locations.

What Will Be Next?

Upcoming activities will include:

  • Proceeding to the conceptual design phase, for the selected wastewater collection and treatment alternative—low-pressure sewer collection system with a septic tank effluent pump system at each building and a package membrane treatment plant in a building for sewage treatment.
  • Scheduling of additional fieldwork in the community (geotechnical investigation, topographic survey, etc.).

Who is Neegan Burnside?

Neegan Burnside is a majority owned, Aboriginal consulting engineering firm. We are committed to assisting First Nations in meeting their development and economic goals while remaining sensitive to First Nation community, culture, values and beliefs. We have successfully completed over 1,500 projects for First Nation communities across Canada. For more information about our firm please visit our website We look forward to working with you on this very important design project.