The Nigigoonsimikaaning First Nation Education Program incorporates various levels of education for community members including adult education, secondary and elementary school.  The community is committed to long-term growth of its membership and this can be fostered through good decision-making process, guidance, support and vision for the future.  Community members are encouraged to explore various opportunities in advancing their education and return to enhance human resources in the area.

Levels of Education

Elementary The students from Nigigoonsimikaaning First Nation attend Mine Centre School in Mine Centre.  The school has 90% Aboriginal student population and enjoys programs including Ojibwe Language Instruction, Special Needs and Ontario student curriculum instruction.

Post Secondary Numerous opportunities are available to students wishing to pursue high education in College, University and vocational institutions through out Canada and the United States.  The Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation will assist in guidance to help you decide what is the best avenue for you in your area of interest.  In determining your course of study, please consider employment opportunities that will be important in your professional development and those of the First Nation.  Set up an Education Plan with realistic goals and expectations, and we will do everything possible to help you attain those goals.  We have compiled a few forms for you to consider when making your decision, they are available at the bottom of the page.  We also have contact information available should you require assistance.

Adult Education Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation has setup a working agreement with the Seven Generation Education Institute to provide adult education opportunities to membersof the community.  Seven Generations has made an instructor available to the community twice weekly at the Education Centre to assist in courses, testing and is a helpful resource for internet applications and networking.  For more information about Seven Generations Education Institute and the programming available, please visit their website at

Education Policy

The Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation promotes the progress and enhancement of the Community’s skills, academics and cultural knowledge in recognition that; Learning is a life long endeavour.


  • Provide or arrange for suitable venues of learning
  • Instill in our community, the positive power and goodness of knowledge
  • Ensure that our people are being provided a superior quality of education
  • Value and promote all types of skills and learning

Executive Limitation

  • All programs and services will operate within the pre-scribed budget limitations.
  • The community’s integrity will not be compromised through the mismanagement of resources or any other means that would jeopardize our objectives and vision.
  • Any discriminatory actions, against individuals deemed eligible to receive assistance, will not be tolerated.

Contact Information

Shana Windigo
Education Coordinator
Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation
P.O. Box 68
Fort Frances, Ontario
P9A 3M5
Phone: 807.481.2536 Ext: 224
Fax 807.481.2511

Education Forms

(You will require all the forms available for the application process and have the Education Coordinator send additional documents to the Registrar’s Office for sponsorship and release of transcripts. If you require some assistance filling out the forms, you can call me at the office or use the example forms below as a guidline.)